The Winning Formula for Talking About ESG

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Over the past year, ESG investing has captured our attention. Specifically, we’ve been focused on exploring the challenges communicators face when talking about it to investors. We’ve found the topic so interesting – and complex – that we launched a three-part series of papers on the subject. 

So far, we’ve talked about the lack of consistency in terminology and the evolving context around ESG investing. Now, in our final paper in the series, we’re drilling down to a root issue: How can communicators address skepticism when talking about ESG? 

Our latest paper results from conversations with industry leaders, who shared their best practices for talking about ESG investing. We compared their answers to come up with a formula for attacking skepticism head-on. We also share how to position yourself as a trusted voice for values-based investing, especially as it becomes more popular with investors. 

Thank you to all of the financial professionals, advisors and consultants who have shared your thoughts for this seriesWe know the spotlight on ESG investing will intensify over the next few years. Here’s to continuing the conversation and exploring new challenges into 2021! 

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