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Talking to Investors When Times are Tough

It’s been a wild year in the markets, hasn’t it? We’ve hit record highs and experienced 800-point drops in one day. The yield curve inverted, and we’ve heard chatter about a looming recession. Sharing good news with investors is easy – but how do you share the news when the outlook isn’t so rosy? We’re looking for answers to that question and others, including:
  • How do you deliver bad news eloquently?
  • Do you use a direct approach – or do you try to soften the blow?
  • What are your tips for talking to investors in a negative economic climate?
TELL US! We’re looking for samples of methods you’ve used to deliver bad news to investors. Send us your pieces that highlight your approach and the language you use when markets drop. Your piece could be highlighted in an upcoming Client Summit.

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