Gather Round the Till

Maybe you’ve noticed, but we PurcellCom types have been talking a LOT about sustainable investing lately. More and more, we believe it will be the future of financial services — but from where we stand today, investors and financial professionals aren’t aligned on exactly what that future looks like.  

We want to fix that. 

So Ben Vivari (Purcell Communication’s managing director) and I are putting our money where our mouth is by co-founding an initiative called Till. At its core, Till is a sustainable investing resource for financial advisors — a package of content and promotion that empowers investors who want to include values in their decisions. Not only are we applying our content-oriented talents from PurcellCom to Till, but we also want to be a resource to educate investors and advisors alike. Through forums such as our “Sustainability Circles” we can begin to shape that green future we see on the horizon. 

The Newest Sustainable Investing Resource 

But to us, Till is more than just a product. As we speak, money in sustainability funds has reached more than $17 trillion, according to the US SIF Foundation. Where is this money going? What impact is it really having?  

We think every investor deserves thoughtful answers to these questions, and it’s our intention to provide them — to keep track of what’s happening and weed out the greenwashers. You can follow along with our journey at our social media accounts – LinkedIn and Twitter – or just check out the Till website.  Even better, chime in and let us know what you think. 

It’s become our custom to share a drink with our network in these emails, but this time I want to share something different: a custom piece of artwork we had commissioned for Till from renowned local artist Goodloe Byron. He did a take on the famous “Fearless Girl” statue, who faces down the fearsome Charging Bull of Wall Street.  

We’ll drink to that!

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