Sustainable Investing Requires Communicators to Adopt a New Approach

Socially responsible investments (SRIs) constituted 26% of the total U.S. assets by the end of 2017 – a 38% rise from the previous year. One report even stated that “there has been a 200% increase in SRI conversations and investors” in 2018.  

 The conversation around socially responsible investing is an important one – especially as the largest intergenerational wealth transfer occurs. The focus for many communicators will shift from baby boomers to socially-conscious millennials, creating challenges for communicators tasked with building trust in a skeptical generation. 

 As we talked with industry leaders about these challenges, we identified three major hurdles communicators face as they craft new messaging for a new audience.  The good news is that we also identified ways to clear these hurdles and create a shared language with a different type of investor. 

To find out more about these hurdles – and how to overcome them – download the paper below.  If you’d like to be part of the conversation, just answer the question below. We’d love to add your voice to this important discussion around socially responsible investing. 

Do you think values-based investing requires a new approach to communications?

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