Socially Responsible Investing: The Future of Active Management

We’ve been saying for years that the purpose of investment communications is building trust. Our clients believe that. But anybody still on the fence is about to get a strong push from a new wave of investors focused on SRI – sustainable, responsible and impact investing.  

SRI investing isn’t a sidelight, specialty strategy, or alternative investment any longer. It’s the future of active management. Check out this quote from Pascal Blanque, CIO of Amundi Asset Management, from the Financial Times this past November. He’s referring to the environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors that underpin SRI investing strategies:

“Environmental, social and governance factors are a pillar of investing, holding more than $30tn of assets after impressive growth of 34 percent over the past two years. So powerful is momentum, the fund industry will most likely embrace a near 100% ESG-based model by 2030.” 

Why are we talking about this? Because content, communication and reporting will look very different for SRI investments. From climate change and conservation to renewable energy and affordable basic services, investors are eager to put their money to work for both themselves and the greater good. They want information that helps them do that. 

We want to identify the challenges and implications SRI investing presents for financial marketers and communicators. If you’re interested in being part of these discussions, we’d love to include you. Just fill out the form below to add your name to the list.

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