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What Is This Gonna Cost? – Measured Results, Measurable Value


While the communications team at Franklin Templeton was pleased with the work PurcellCom was doing for them, they knew they had to prove results to others in the organization. They wanted a method for documenting the exact value PurcellCom provided – as well as a method for continuously improving their content creation processes.


“You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” We employed that adage in our work with the client, creating post-project recaps summarizing what worked, what didn’t and what should be tweaked in the future. The reports also give detailed information about production output, including number of commentaries created and total hours spent on each one. Providing these reports to the client allows them to see the value they have gained from working with our team, and it also enables both sides to identify and fix issues within the process. Both the client and the PurcellCom team continuously review the reports to recognize opportunities for better future collaboration.

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