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Make Us Sound Unique! – Creating Effective, Differentiated Content


When Homestead Funds decided to redesign their website, they had two big challenges. The firm’s roots are in the electric cooperative community, so how could they convey their unique point of view and business philosophy to a wider audience? And, how could their website position the company as a resource for not only individual investors, but also financial advisors?


We talked to the firm’s experienced marketing and client-facing people and simply asked, “What do you say to clients and prospects, and why?” We compared that insight with previously created brand and marketing materials, and came up with a short list of flexible themes that could help guide messaging. We also outlined what kind of voice you’d expect to hear from a company that has a large rural investor base.

We helped connect the dots with a simple web content mapping tool; for each site section, we created a proposed layout that outlined each page, its intended audience, its specific purpose, and what core messaging should be included. The prep work made drafting easy – most pages were finalized for the testing site after only one round of revision.

The completed site transforms the company’s brand image and makes a compelling, differentiated case for Homestead as a service provider.


PurcellCom helped us build our website around a voice that truly resonated with our investors.

- Laura Tillman
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