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Just Get It All Done! – Start to Finish Project Management


American Century Investments had a dilemma. Record growth required many new reports; writing projects were spread between in-house staff and freelancers, and different report types required different processes. They wanted to be certain that the firm could keep up with its increasing project quantity without sacrificing messaging quality. Who could manage all the moving parts and people, ensuring that pieces were always delivered accurately and on time?


We found the answer in the Purcell Communications network of talent, identifying experienced project management professionals with the right skillset to oversee every step, from pre-project planning to post-project review. Our project managers frequently bridge the gap between freelance writers and internal team members to make certain that everyone has the information they need to keep a piece moving forward. In total, Purcell Communications project managers oversee the production of 250 commentaries each quarter for the client, coordinating the work of 14 writers and six reviewers.

We don’t just pitch content over the fence. We also meet with the client each quarter, and enhance our processes based on feedback. Our project managers implement and communicate system changes to the writing and editing team, always seeing to it that projects are delivered according to the client’s specifications and satisfaction.


Purcell Communications has a deep bench of knowledgeable and talented writers. They are an invaluable extension of our team that enables us to deliver high quality content under deadline pressure.

- Marcela Holder, Director, Investment Communications
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