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creative financial reports


NewSquare Capital’s vision for their quarterly commentary was simple: Stray from the status quo. No more spreadsheets. Get rid of the endless tables of data. They wanted a creative financial report that went beyond just the numbers. They wanted it to showcase the investing philosophies that drove the quarter’s results. They wanted to explore, and explain, the why.

Not only did the financial reports need to stand out from the pack, but they also had to meet client information needs and conform to compliance guidelines. How can that be done? PurcellCom found the best starting point was to put together a content design that could change from quarter to quarter, but always expressed NewSquare’s essential voice. Once that was complete, we also needed a way to illustrate that design to make reporting easier for both internal and external writers.

Solution: Express your voice

Our solution to NewSquare’s quarterly commentary problem began when we spoke at length with the firm’s expressive Chief Investment Officer (CIO) to find out what made his passionate presentations so effective. We converted what we learned into reporting templates that echoed his approach but that were also simple to execute.

Writers now use the template as a guide for structure while putting a unique touch on each quarterly commentary. This flexible guide addressed the client’s need to focus less on a formulaic final product and more on differentiated ways to communicate. Not only did it meet NewSquare’s primary goals, it also expedited the commentary process.

creative financial reports


The Purcell Communications team listened to our senior people, collaborated with the team, and captured our voice. They have helped us create unique and impactful content for our audiences.

- Kristin Hirt
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