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Writer Workshops

Financial writing is a unique skill, and it’s not always easy to find. Check out quick summaries of the efforts we put into keeping our writers sharp and up to speed. If you want more, contact us at info@purcellcom.com to get complete copies of our notes.

Keeping an audience’s attention is challenging – and it’s even more difficult in a post-Covid world. Many financial communicators are grappling with adapting their presentations for a virtual environment and creating value for attendees. In our October 2020 event, we asked Kris Detwiler, CFA, CPA, to share some of…
We all have a voice. It’s personal, formed by intangible characteristics like tone and expression. Your company has a voice, too. When you engage with a freelance financial writer, how can you be sure that the content will reflect your company’s voice? Recently, Purcell Communications held a series of…
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