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What makes for good communication? How can what we write have a greater impact on investors? What gets in your way? Our research papers go deeper to find out what industry veterans, academics, and successful audience-builders know about creating great content. If you have an idea about future research or want to be involved, contact us at info@purcellcom.com.

Over the past year, ESG investing has captured our attention. Specifically, we’ve been focused on exploring the challenges communicators face when talking about it to investors. We’ve found the topic so interesting – and complex – that we launched a three-part series of papers on the subject.  So far, we’ve talked about the lack…
We’ve identified three primary communication problems for ESG investing: Murky Terminology, Evolving Context, and Stubborn Perception. In this second in a series of reports, we are looking closely at the rapidly evolving context around ESG investing, and in particular ESG data. We’ve examined the research into what ESG data…
Last year, you asked us for a white paper on how to “write tight” – create short, solid content in financial communications. So we spent six months researching, learning, and thinking about that topic, and we learned a few things. Most importantly, we’ve been putting the cart before the…
Building trust is difficult. But if you’re receiving this email, you are among the many trustworthy people I’ve encountered in my career. Naturally, I’d rather do business with people I trust. This month, we’re publishing our report on Rebuilding Trust Through Communications Fundamentals (click to download). In it, we cite the Edelman…
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