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Financial content is serious business! But everyone likes to let their hair down once in a while. Our monthly check-ins with our friends and colleagues let you know what’s new and invite you to share a drink with us – even if only virtually. We love seeing people in person too, so let us know at info@purcellcom.com if you have time for us to swing by.

Maybe you’ve noticed, but we PurcellCom types have been talking a LOT about sustainable investing lately. More and more, we believe it will be the future of financial services — but from where we stand today, investors and financial professionals aren’t aligned on exactly what that future looks like.  …
Over the last few months, we’ve started working with financial advisors on how they’re connecting with ESG investors. The goal is to help them connect with responsibility-minded clients.  Whether it’s catching up on ESG in general or fine-tuning sales language to incorporate ESG, we’re diving in to make ESG actionable for advisors and their clients. And…
Here’s a question we’ve been pondering over the past month or so: How can financial communicators provide clarity when so much uncertainty lingers? To answer that question, my team has been looking at how our clients are handling their forecasts for the coming year. We’ve uncovered three notable trends:…
Before 2020, the words “remote work” called to mind the image of a freelancer toiling away at home in her pajamas. A virtual environment was considered best suited for independent workers, not large companies. The pandemic changed all that. Suddenly, we all were working from home. Has it been disruptive? Absolutely, especially for companies…
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