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Why take chances when there are simple ways to make your content great? These short Insights pieces can help you think through the challenges of being a content producer and get to better content faster. Have a question? Contact us at any time at info@purcellcom.com.

In September 2020, the SEC proposed changes to shareholder reporting requirements. For the most part, the proposed changes are the SEC’s attempt to become more modern – and we’re all for making reports shorter, simpler, and easier to read. However, we see one meaningful risk in the changes that…
Most asset management professionals know it’s important to use visuals in client communications. Visuals hold the eye – and reader interest – better than a solid wall of words. But to get the biggest bang from your visuals, you need to know what does and doesn’t work.  We asked Seth…
When times are good, client reporting is easy. But when portfolios underperform, markets turn bearish, or key holdings run into trouble, clients get anxious. Communicating bad news takes finesse, and investment firms who do it well build lasting client relationships. The first rule for communicating bad news: Stay calm. Your clients will take…
One of these things is not like the others: Jeff’s down-to-earth friend from high school helps him stay grounded. Tara’s golf instructor is hilarious and helps her have fun on the course. Elliott and his coworker, both dutiful dads, fill in for each other at work when family calls….
Good content marketing is tricky. There’s a lot of it out there, and in a lot of different formats. How can you consistently generate content your clients will connect to? Over years of practice, we’ve learned that clients respond most positively to content that follows three rules: Right Content/Right…
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