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In September 2020, the SEC proposed changes to shareholder reporting requirements. For the most part, the proposed changes are the SEC’s attempt to become more modern – and we’re all for making reports shorter, simpler, and easier to read. However, we see one meaningful risk in the changes that…
Financial communicators are tasked with producing valuable, accurate content. They’re also increasingly being asked to push out highly customized deliverables in a shorter timeframe, leading to a need for new processes and systems to create efficiency for their teams. For our Fall 2020 Client Summit, we asked communicators from…
Keeping an audience’s attention is challenging – and it’s even more difficult in a post-Covid world. Many financial communicators are grappling with adapting their presentations for a virtual environment and creating value for attendees. In our October 2020 event, we asked Kris Detwiler, CFA, CPA, to share some of…
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