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Before 2020, the words “remote work” called to mind the image of a freelancer toiling away at home in her pajamas. A virtual environment was considered best suited for independent workers, not large companies. The pandemic changed all that. Suddenly, we all were working from home. Has it been disruptive? Absolutely, especially for companies…
Over the past year, ESG investing has captured our attention. Specifically, we’ve been focused on exploring the challenges communicators face when talking about it to investors. We’ve found the topic so interesting – and complex – that we launched a three-part series of papers on the subject.  So far, we’ve talked about the lack…
In September 2020, the SEC proposed changes to shareholder reporting requirements. For the most part, the proposed changes are the SEC’s attempt to become more modern – and we’re all for making reports shorter, simpler, and easier to read. However, we see one meaningful risk in the changes that…
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