Coronavirus Communications

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“Unprecedented.” It’s a word we keep hearing. But I think it’s a fitting word to describe current circumstances, don’t you? I’d bet it’s the first time any of us have had to think about how to talk with investors during a pandemic. 

The pandemic has certainly challenged all of us to adopt new strategies, especially related to communications. As researchers, we’re always fascinated by what approach others within the industry take. What topics will they focus on? What tone will they adopt? And what methods will they utilize to deliver their message?  

To answer these questions, we’ve done a deep dive into “coronavirus communications.” We’ve looked at samples from 60 of the largest asset managers, diving into the strategies they’ve employed to stay in touch with investors through these unprecedented times. (There’s that word again.)  

What we’ve found are some underlying themes and similar delivery methods. You can find out more in our latest paper, “Coronavirus Communications.”  

Click below to read about the trends, twists and best practices we’re seeing companies adopt – and get access to samples from a few of the companies we think have done a great job of messaging. 


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