Copywriting, and Then Some

When you think of Purcell Communications, what comes to mind? I’ll take a guess: writers.  

And that’s fair — we are a financial content firm, after all. Our job is to produce quality content that helps our clients connect with their audience. 

But content is more than just writing. As our clients’ business grows, so does the amount of content needed, and the solution is not “write more.” It goes way beyond that.  

What our clients often realize — and quickly — is that our deep industry experience and knowledge can help create, change, and manage processes as business scales. The proof is in our recent work with a major client. They have worked with us for the better part of a decade and, during that stretch, have expanded drastically to the tune of 300+ commentaries and more than 1,500 stock stories each quarter. 

After several quarters and persistent process improvements, this client is now seeing a 34% savings in both time and cost. While content may ultimately be the product you need, there are many behind-the-scenes components that our expertise can handle. 

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